Update: Cotman and Point Lorenzo, Madeira

On 22 February 2015 I posted a SublimeSites.co article on ‘John Sell Cotman: Point Lorenzo, Madeira, 1828’. This followed a trip, earlier that month to see the site of a Cotman watercolour at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Cotman never went to Madeira, but based his composition on a drawing by a friend and Patron, the Revd James Bulwer, who spent quite some time there, and published a celebrated set of ‘Views in the Madeiras’ in 1827.


At the time I had not managed to track down a copy of Bulwer’s own view of Point Lorenzo but since that time my good friend and sometime resident of Madeira, Philip Morris, has sent me an image of the engraving published in ‘Views in the Madeiras’. This has forced a reconsideration of a watercolour version of the composition at Vancouver Art Gallery, which I initially took to be by Bulwer, but which I now think must be by Cotman.

I have today revised the article to reflect my new conclusions.

Key image update

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