Welcome to Sublime Sites, the web journal of Professor Emeritus David Hill of the University of Leeds, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.

The site was launched in October 2013 and after seven years, well over one hundred articles and a recent revamp continues to post articles exploring places associated with Turner, Ruskin and Cotman, together with many others. Some pieces respond to current exhibitions and publications, others report from ongoing research projects and others draw material out of an extensive archive of unpublished material that I have accumulated over the years.

Please explore the material here.  If there’s anything here worth quoting then a citation is always best practice. In this case ‘David Hill:  SublimeSites.co’ together with the article title and date of posting would enable an interested reader to find the original. Please let me know what you think about the site or the material on it through the comments, and add further information where you think it would be helpful.

If you would like to be alerted when new articles appear, do please click ‘Follow me’, and I hope that material will be forthcoming on a reasonably regular basis.  I should say however, that if you are addicted to 24hr newsfeeds, this will not be the place for you! And I’m not making any promises beyond that..

I wrote that last paragraph in 2013. I’ll let it stand. Anyone that has followed SublimeSites.co for any length of time will know how faithfully I have followed my promise to be irregular.