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Explorations in the footsteps of Turner, Cotman and Ruskin with Professor David Hill

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Professor David Hill can be contacted at:-

One comment on “Contact me

  1. Mary Dell Tussey Morrell
    December 7, 2014

    DEAR DAVID, This is a wonderful blog. I miss you and our Turner-trekking days! I am so happy to have discovered this blog, just some minutes this afternoon after I finished painting a watercolor version of the 1824 view of the Moselle from the Pallien with the Roman bridge in the distance. A subject so dear to my heart because this was probably NOT the first time he used softcover sketchbooks– as you suggested (back in the days I was living in England) that was on the Rhine– in order to paint color studies in bodycolor and watercolor on grey washed paper while on a continental tour. One of your 2006 photographs was taken on my birthday, April 21st, just as when we were visiting the city of York together on my birthday and cannons were shot (because ERII has the same birthday coincidentally). I hope you are well– you certainly seem busy. Will e-mail you.
    Your friend as ever,
    Mary Tussey Morrell

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