Cotman etchings

As a follow-up to the last revamp of, I have decided to incorporate some material that was being developed elsewhere.

The first batch imported today 14 January 2021 is a few entries that represent the beginnings of a catalogue of Cotman’s etchings. Readers with any longer-term familiarity with Sublimesites will know that I have a habit of announcing grand enterprises, only to find myself diverted from them after a while. This is yet another example. I managed to complete only a few of the initial target of two dozen entries.

I can claim some affinity with Cotman in that respect at least. His career is a series of optimistic beginnings and more than a few frayed ends.

The importation of this new material will require some future attention to the way in which the menu works. Over time I hope to be able to clarify and develop the structure.. For those interested in navigating to the new material now try {Menu} Cotman>Etchings>First Series 1811, or click here.

I started the etchings catalogue with the hope of securing some sponsorship for it, but [perhaps like Cotman] I never applied myself sufficiently to that aspect of the project. Mind you, if you would be interested in supporting the project, do please contact me. Hopefully, however, now that this series has a place in Sublimesites, I might be reminded to add to it from from time to time.

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