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Explorations in the footsteps of Turner, Cotman and Ruskin with Professor David Hill

Update: Turner and Sisteron

One of the Turner highlights of 2016 was Ian Warrell’s splendid exhibition of ‘Turner et la Couleur’ which showed at the Hotel de Caumont, Centre d’Art at Aix en Provence … Continue reading

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Turner at Sisteron: The Pont du Buech, looking west

This article is the third to explore Turner’s Sisteron subjects in the light of my recent visit to the site. Here I focus on a watercolour in the collection of … Continue reading

May 9, 2014 · 1 Comment

Turner at Sisteron: Continued Observations

This article extends the exploration of Turner’s Sisteron subjects in the light of a recent visit 12-14 April. In particular I focus on a watercolour of Sisteron from the North-West … Continue reading

April 26, 2014 · 2 Comments

Turner at Sisteron: Further Observations

This article furthers the discussion begun in the article ‘Moonlight and its Implications: Turner at Sisteron’, posted on 8 November 2013. This follows a visit to the site on 12-14 … Continue reading

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Moonlight and its implications: Turner at Sisteron

On 5 November 2013 a Turner watercolour of Sisteron sold for $149,000 at Christie’s in New York. It was catalogued as Sisteron from the North-West, with a Low Sun. The … Continue reading

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