Update: Turner and Sisteron

One of the Turner highlights of 2016 was Ian Warrell’s splendid exhibition of ‘Turner et la Couleur’ which showed at the Hotel de Caumont, Centre d’Art at Aix en Provence 4 May to 18 September, and then as J M W Turner: Adventures in Colour’  [and STILL, FOR ONE MORE WEEK ONLY] at Turner Contemporary, Margate, 8 October – 8 January 2017].

Sisteron sunset shadow 2

The exhibition included one item of particular interest to me. My first post on 5 November 2013 was ‘Moonlight and its implications: Turner at Sisteron’ and I followed up on that on 20 April 2014 with an article entitled ‘Turner at Sisteron: Further Observations’. One of my principal interests in these articles was a watercolour in a private collection of ‘Sisteron from the North West’ that featured a rather remarkable, and very specific effect of the castle casting its shadow on the Rocher de la Baume. At that time there was no colour reproduction of the watercolour available, so I had to be content with a scan of an old black and white image. So it was a particular pleasure to see it included in the selection for the exhibition and reproduced at high quality in the catalogue for the exhibition (no.90 in the French edition).

J.M.W Turner, Sisteron from the North West c.1838 Watercolour, 133 x 190 mm Private Collection Image courtesy of Ian Warrell and by permission of the owner. The original watercolour was exhibited in ‘Turner et la Couleur’ Aix en Provence, 2016 and ‘J M W Turner: Adventures in Colour’, Turner Contemporary, Margate, 2016-7.

A few days ago, Ian Warrell very kindly sent me a digital image of the watercolour, with the owner’s permission to publish it on Submimesites.co. I am grateful to him, and to the anonymous owner, and have now updated the original article to feature the new image. It is remarkable that the shadow is even more dramatically apparent in the colour reproduction that it was in black and white.

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